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Guess who got a table in Artist Alley this Sakura Con! :D
Dark Lord Doodlepasta by RivkaZ
Dark Lord Doodlepasta
It's been two weeks since I drew anything and I needed to work through the rust, so I turn once again to my tried and true art-block buster: Dark Lords in profile making silly faces! :D 

-Melkor's hair changes with his mood.
-I tried a couple expressions for Sauron that I haven't drawn before, including "pouty" and "oh shiiiiiii--"
-Mid-transformation wolfy Thû! <3
Wow! Long time no art! :( I've been sick for a couple weeks now and I'm just pulling out of the slump. Bear with me! 
Palette Meme: The Iron Hell by RivkaZ
Palette Meme: The Iron Hell

Man, it's really hard to draw volcanoes with no orange or yellow! >:U 

This is what I picture Angband looking like from the top-down. Most of the fortress is subterranean, making this not even the upper most third of the map. Near the top of the center spire is where you will find Hurin’s chair. (Other above-ground structures that didn’t make it into the picture:  Dragon hatchery and stable, Maethros’s shackle, and secret passage ways.)

I want my Angband to look like it was a solid, fugly square brick of a fortress that has been retrofitted with spare Utumno-parts and upgraded to suit all Melkor’s Beleriand-Conquering needs. 

 It’s a mix of designs: impossibly grand scaled pseudo-gothic architecture (to let you know that a Vala lives there), with battlements that are still the old no-frills anti-Oromë defense system left over from the Utumno days, all stuck in a blender with a bunch of lopsided spikes and melty Giger-esque doom. 

Sauron provided the architecture and floor plan (complete with indoor plumming and practical considerations like “where do we put all the orcs”), and Melkor provided the asymmetry, the underground caverns, and the carelessly assembled volcanic hellscape.



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Artist | Digital Art
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Hi I'm a recovering asshole who's been on DA since the dawn of time but mostly lives on tumblr now!
I'm basically self taught and still learning, but I do take my art seriously and try hold myself to professional standards.
I am also a writer and I make crafts. :) Constructive criticism, tips, and suggestions are very welcome! ETSY STORE! :D For jointed paper dolls and original art is my personal blog is my art blog is my Silmarillion/Tolkien Art and Roleplay blog. <3

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Arabian Nights Mermaid by DubuGomdori
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