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Concept art- Aule and Sauron by RivkaZ Concept art- Aule and Sauron by RivkaZ
More concept art for my comic project. :) Pre-fall Sauron and Aulė the Smith.

Hey do you know what is sexy LAVA IS SEXY.
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DesireeFlameheart Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
WOW!!! I totally love the way you draw them : ) Specially Mairon and Melkor <3
jubah Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
absolutely love your valinor mairon desing!! his hair is particularly gorgeous everytime you draw is, i love how it always looks as if its smoking or melting or suffering in one way or another the effects of fire
FlyingCarpets Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
This Mairon... words can't express how perfect and brilliant your design of him is. Lava IS VERY SEXY too XDDDDD Will his Sauron design resemble that old hite-haired picture we were talking under? Or are you planning on a redesign? And omg tell me you'll draw some pictures with both Melkor.Morgoth and Sauron/Mairon on them (because from what I understood the comic will at first just feature Mairon's work and Melkor won't be appearing in it soon? Or am I mistaken?), I am so excited by this project of yours you don't imagine kjahsdjhakshd omg 8D No I really can't stop looking at Mairon, he's adorable and hot at the same time, how do you do it? XDDDD

Now, Aule, before I forget XDDD He's quite awesome himself! While Mairon looks like sort of guy who works with lava and metals and minerals mostly (specializes in something), Aule has a feel of a guy who's seen it all. Plus his wife put some grass on his shoulders so that he never forgets he should mind the trees during his work 8P He also gives a feel of this old stone that has been around for so long that moss of wisdom covered it. He's great. A little bit druidic I'd say even, which is interesting interpretation, and shows that he's linked with Yavanna X3

RivkaZ Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013   Digital Artist
I just want to lay some love on you for your epic turns of phrase. XD They give me the best ideas for mini comics! Yavanna telling Aulė not to forget his coat and putting some moss on him as he goes to work! SO PRECIOUS. ;w; <3 And Morgoth puffing up like a frog when frightened. XDDDDDDD *forever lol*

I am so happy you like my designs! :love: You are reading stuff in my silly sketches that makes me go "YES YES EXACTLY!" Which is the best feeling to have. Your comments are so awesome. ;3;

Also yes, both Mairon and Melkor will appear in the comic, have no worries. And yes, the Sauron design will be a little bit more like the white-haired picture of him (updated from my old crappy art work of course XD )
FlyingCarpets Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Omg I'm happy I work on your imagination that way XDDD You could draw some of those sometimes lol, to rest from the main serious comic XDDDDDDD Imagine poor Melkor going to face Fingolfin, puffing up from fear and then not being able to fit back into the gates of Angband and escape when he changes his mind right before the battle. So he has to stay and actually fight Fingolfin XDDDDD In our original fantasy story (that has a bajillion illustrations but which we aren't revealing on dA yet XDDDDD) we have a caste of stupid soldier-demons who puff up like that but when angry XDDD (and that way mages can trap them in places, because they can't shrink unless they calm down XDDDD) Lol I wonder what Sauron would say to that view of Morgoth by the way, probably :iconfacepalmplz: XDDDDD

Oh I think your designs are one of the best things I've ever seen in this fandom, that's why I'm so hyper about you showing them to wider audience! When we get some more followers on our Sauron/Melkor tumblr we're gonna reblog your designs there so that more people see them 8D

Then I'm eagerly waiting for Sauron's updated design and for all those amazing Ainur appearing in thy comics XD I haven't been feeling this exciting waiting to see more of someone's art... probably ever XDDDD ajshdjashdkj <3 /ok back to studying again, scary exams tomorrow right in the morning and I'm not prepared!!!! [link] -u-
Zlukaka Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
asdfgh that Mairon is the best Mairon I have seen in my life. He is so adorable and both of them look so surreal, I love your Silmarillion designs!

And those colors on Mairon are just amazing!

I don't have words for how much I like this! Looking forward to more!
RivkaZ Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013   Digital Artist
*cries* omfg such praise! You are far too nice XD Thank you so much!
I love that you like my designs, because I love your Melkor design so much too! ;3; eeeeee :heart:
Zlukaka Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
You are far too good at what you do for me to be less nice or something like that :P

Oh, cool, thanks! 8D Awesome. Two cool Melkors is always better than one. 8D
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